magnetized water

Thinking Outside the Box...

So often we become stuck on one way of thinking, 1) because it's always worked and 2) is oftentimes the path of least resistance.  For as long as we've been in the water treatment business, our primary focus has been on an environmentally responsible way to advance water treatment by eradicating scale and stopping non-biological corrosion in water cooled heat exchange equipment.

In cooperation with our distributor from China, we've discovered that there are other valuable applications for Bon Aquas in an entirely different arena than we had been pursuing.  By magnetizing the water, he's proven it can have a profound influence on agricultural crops and commercial flower operations.  He has shared the results and photos of a five month experiment of growing peas in a controlled greenhouse environment.

By decreasing the growing season, and increasing the yield and survivability of the plants, there is tremendous opportunity in the agricultural use of this technology, not just for peas, but corn, lilies, roses and beyond.