Bon Aqua Treatment in Boiler Systems

Boilers are the workhorses of the equipment room, and the professionals charged with keeping things running smoothly want to avoid as many problems as possible.  Water quality is key to navigate two of the most persistent difficulties with a boiler system: the impedance of the heat transfer surfaces (scale), which impacts fuel consumption; and corrosion, which leads to tube failure. The high heat intensity of a boiler accelerates the oxidation, scaling and corrosion process.

Even the smallest amount of scale fouling can impede the heat transfer efficiency of a boiler. When heat transfer is at its peak, only minimal amounts of fuel are necessary to provide the amount of steam your production demands.  Efficiency loss can be as high as 15% for each sixteenth inch of normal calcium-magnesium scale and over twice as high with iron-silica scale.

The following table illustrates the amount of fuel needed as the heat transfer decreases due to scale fouling, directly impacting your profit picture.

Boiler Scale Insulating Properties.jpg

The customary solution has always been a good chemical mix to control the impurities, found naturally in raw water, and the source of the boiler scale and corrosion problems; but there’s no such thing as “good” toxic chemicals.  They are a constant source of pollution; subject to human involvement in determing the correct chemical mixture to control scale and/or corrosion; and a continuing expense.  The reality is, chemicals are treating the symptoms...not curing the disease!

Bon Aquas eliminate the need for toxic, dangerous, ineffective water treatment chemicals by utilizing the Laws of Physics.   Once Bon Aqua units are installed on a steam boiler system, they immediately stop further corrosion, and start removing any scale deposits that might be clinging to the boiler tubes by creating a Faraday’s generator inside the system—cathodically protecting the boiler vessel and all connected piping.  

Results:  no chemical additives ~~ no toxic discharge water ~~ no polluting. 

Simple—clean—effective.  Our video explains the science behind this technology in 8 minutes. 

Boiler tubes under chemical treatment

Boiler tubes under chemical treatment

Boiler tubes after Bon Aqua treatment        C  lick here    to see the diverse facilities that can benefit by using this technology.

Boiler tubes after Bon Aqua treatment


Click here to see the diverse facilities that can benefit by using this technology.