creates a Faraday's Generator


    Bon Aqua's magnetic flux density, the core underpinning of the amplification system, was certified by Midwest Industries as being over 22,000 gauss. This incredible flux density will readily penetrate ferrous pipes with a dense enough magnetic field to cause an electric current to be generated in the water creating a Faraday's generator, with the flowing water being the armature, the pipe being the field coil, and the ground supplying the constant flow of electrons through the pipe and into the water. 

    How does this happen?

    • The molecules of water flowing through the pipe carry a negative static charge.
    • Bon Aqua amplified magnetic units create magnetic field inside pipe.
    • As water moves through the induced magnetic field, the static charge on the water molecules is changed from negative to positive due to current being generated by the moving water (Faraday's Law).
    • The current produced by the flow also causes some water molecules to ionize (dissociate), forming hydronium ions (H+) and hydroxyl ions (OH-).



    Basic law of Physics: similarities repel

    • Oxidation (corrosion) is prevented because the negative oxygen is repelled by the ground negative (cathodically protected) pipe.
    • Negative scale ions are also repelled. 

    Basic law of Physics: opposites attract

    • If the walls of negative pipe are contaminated with hard deposits (scale), the positive hydronium ions are attracted to the pipe wall and convert the hard deposits of scale into soft deposits of aragonite which are removed a molecule at a time, and precipitate out into the tower basin.