What We've Achieved

Bon Aqua International, Inc.™ prides itself on the quality of work and durability that we have provided our customers during our company's 25+ year history.  We have detailed some of our projects to verify the sustainability, reliability, and feasibility of using this environmental method of water treatment instead of the standard toxic chemical concoctions that are the norm.  These institutions are making a difference.

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Meredith College, Raleigh NC

"The Bon Aqua water treatment program was chosen because it eliminates all corrosion and inorganic scale control chemicals, reduces biological chemical demand, reduces system water consumption and because it creates a scale free environment - saves energy." - 

Tom Sherry, Director of Operations / Department of Facilities Services Meredith College


PEMEX, Mexico City, Mexico

Petróleos Mexicanos installed Bon Aqua water treatment on select industrial equipment at some offshore drilling platforms. Here is the report outlining those results.

Connecticut College, New London CT

Connecticut College installed the Bon Aqua system on their power plant equipment in an effort to reduce fuel costs, while increasing boiler efficiency; and to reduce water consumption in their cooling systems without sacrificing cooling capacity. Check out the full report here.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT - Bates Linear Research Center in Middleton, MA installed the Bon Aqua system on the Evaporative Cooling system for their linear accelerator project in order to reduce their discharge water volume to comply with permit requirements.  Bon Aqua treatment was able to increase the cycles of concentration from 5 to 22, which translated into reduced consumption, and lower water costs. The findings are detailed here.


U.S. Coast Guard  

The Coast Guard Engineer's Digest published an article describing a test study done by Naval Engineers on the effects of Bon Aqua's boiler feedwater treatment on Coast Guard Cutters.  The goal of this project was to evaluate the efficacy of a non-chemical treatment for the high endurance cutters' boilers by reducing or eliminating the toxic discharge water and consistently providing scale and corrosion control.  The test conclusions are documented here.