Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does Bon Aqua Water Treatment benefit the environment? 

By saving nearly 75% of the billions of gallons of water being discharged under a standard chemical treatment program. Discharged Bon Aqua™ treated water is free from toxic chemicals that require even more water to be made usable again.

Q. How do I know if I'm purchasing the original, genuine Bon Aqua™ product? 

Only when you purchase product from an authorized Bon Aqua™ dealer or distributor can you be sure you are getting the genuine product along with the manufacturer's 25-year product warranty. Bon Aqua's 25+ year track record and success has prompted others to claim they have products that do the same thing. Call us at 336.312.4473 or toll-free at 888.294.2424 to check it out before you buy.

 Q. Is it expensive to protect my equipment with Bon Aqua™ water treatment?

Pricing is site specific and depends on the lines to be treated. Bon Aqua™ units are placed in strategic locations on the equipment and is only recommended when it is economically feasible. Payback is generally 1 year for a boiler and almost always under 2 years for a cooling system. Bon Aqua™ treatment is a one-time investment, as opposed to the recurring cost of chemicals, which continue to rise year after year.

Q. Can I try Bon Aqua™ treatment on only one part of a system?

Partial treatment is not recommended for several reasons. With chemicals still running through the system, there would be no accurate way to determine which treatment was working. But more specifically, in a boiler system, all parts must be protected from the low pH condensate return, which can cause corrosion; and the negatively charged city water, which can cause scale. In a more complex cooling system Bon Aquas™ must be placed at the inlet line to each piece of heat exchange equipment after every pump, because a pump can scramble the charge. This means that any equipment left unprotected after a pump is subject to scaling, which can cause surging and diminished heat transfer. Corrosion is also a concern, which can eat through the tubes requiring eventual re-tubing. This is a gamble not worth taking when so much expensive equipment is at stake.

Q. Can I disconnect my softener after I install Bon Aquas™ on my boiler system?

No. A softener has an entirely separate function from the water treatment (chemical or non-chemical) for scale in a boiler vessel. The softener's purpose is to remove as much calcium (hardness) as possible before the water enters the boiler vessel. The treatment of water in the boiler vessel is meant to prevent the remaining calcium from attaching itself to the boiler tubes.

Q. Do I have to shutdown my equipment in order to install the Bon Aquas™?

Operation of your system does not have to be interrupted to install Bon Aqua protection. The only exception is if the pipe is PVC (plastic) then shut down would be required. In this case a metal flange or nipple must be inserted in order for the Bon Aquas™ to create the necessary Faraday's generator.

Q. How will I know that the Bon Aquas™ are working?

The manufacturer has established monitoring procedures that will track the efficiency of your equipment on a daily basis. The monitoring procedures are fully described in the Technical Manuals provided at installation. 

Q. Is the monitoring difficult and time consuming?

No. Manually monitoring the system should take no more than 15 minutes daily; however, there are automated monitoring systems available that can routinely generate detailed reports, as well as real-time monitoring.

Q. What about bacteria in my cooling system?

Bon Aquas™ are neither bactericidal, nor bacteriostatic; therefore you would have to continue a biocidal program. Bon Aquas™ do, however, create an environment where expensive, toxic biocides are no longer necessary. This is further explaned in the cooling system technical manual. 

Q. Can the Bon Aquas™ be turned off and how long will they last?

A Bon Aqua installation requires no outside power source, so there is nothing to turn off. Bon Aquas™ proprietary amplification system will probably outlast the equipment they are protecting. 


While all questions cannot be anticipated, we have tried to cover the most frequently asked. Please feel free to contact us at our US toll-free number +888.294.2424, or 336.312.4473, or by e-mail at for any questions not addressed here.